Month: December 2014

Maintenance On A Rental Property

Maintenance on a Rental Property

Maintaining the rental property might be confusing to some renters. Some renters might think that maintain the rent property is a leasing agent responsibility. In fact, not all of maintaining the rent property is a responsibility of the leasing agent. Major repair mostly handled by the leasing agent, but the renters also have some responsibilities in maintaining the rental property, and mostly, it will be stated in the contract agreements.

Renter Responsibilities

Renters have responsibilities toward their apartment and their surrounding areas. Commonly, renter will be responsible for the cleanness of apartment and also the patio or deck area. As for the painting or repair the exteriors or the interiors, renter might as the leasing agent for assistance. As for cleanliness, usually renter also responsible to minor or small repair, such as plug the clogged toilet or changing a light bulb. But, if the renter find it uncomfortable to change some light bulb cause it’s too high, the renter may ask the leasing agent for assistance. Besides that, renter also responsible to show some courtesy to other renters. The renters are not allowed to do vandalism, littering or any kind of act that might be damaging public area. If renters failed to do this, renter may face some penalties.

Leasing Agent Responsibilities

There are some responsibilities for leasing agent, mostly for public area and also major fixing. Some of their responsibilities are repairs to the exterior of the building, fixing appliances which are malfunctioning , dealing with plumbing issues such as leaky pipes, problem such as no hot water or heat to the apartment, keeping grassy areas manicured and other common areas looking clean and attractive. Those maintenance usually do by the maintenance staff of the leasing agent.

When the Leasing Agent is Not Taking Responsibility

As mentioned previously, leasing agent has some certain responsibilities. Then what happen if they do not take a responsibility when there is a major fixing for the apartment like a broken heater? Then you can contact the Department of Housing to take in charge of the situation. The renters can also provide information on how to proceed to achieve what kind of result  they want.